A Real-Time System for HDTV Video Transmission over IP Networks

Konstantia Moirogiorgou, Grigorios Th. Tsagkatakis, Michalis Zervakis, and Euripides G.M. Petrakis


Surveillance, rea-time HDTV transmission, video sharing, window specification


We present an end-to-end server–client system for high-resolution video transmission over IP networks. The system supports communication of compressed information, user operations through a fully functional user interface as well as detection and tracking of moving objects/people. It relies on a communication subsystem which has been developed for real time transmission of MJPEG / MJPEG2000 compressed video information over erroneous out-of-order packet-based local and wide area networks. The images are at the HDTV standard resolution. The server grabs frames from a camera-link sensor, encodes the raw video, places the encoded bit stream into packets and transmits them over network. The client receives and reorders the packets and then displays the video data. Each user can request different focus windows from the server according to the viewpoint of interest. Each encoded frame is filled with restart markers in order to face up the case of a frame been lost.

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