A Model-based Control System Architecture for the Web-Distributed Simulation and Operation of Assembly Lines

Jürgen Rossmann, Christian Schlette, Michael Schluse, and Martin Hoppen


Distributed Simulation, Distributed Planning, Control Architecture


Automated assembly lines for highly innovative and individualized products lead to advanced requirements for flexibility and scalability. Especially the consistent transfer and reuse of processes require the implementation of modern, scalable control systems in order to be prepared for product changes, changes of the underlying automation hardware or the control of decentralized installations of assembly lines. We propose a model-based control system architecture that allows for the web distributed simulation and operation of such assembly lines. Its flexibility and scalability is based on a multi-agent system connected to an active communication hub. The core of the hub consists of an object-oriented database keeping the communication channels and protocols, the control strategies and a 3D simulation model of the assembly line. This contribution presents conceptual and technical details on the control system architecture’s ability to monitor, control, simulate and operate decentralized installations of assembly lines, e.g. via web.

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