A New Approach for Teaching Discrete Event Simulation via Web

Marijana S. Despotović-Zrakić, Branislav R. Jovanić, Božidar Lj. Radenković, Zorica M. Bogdanović, and Dušan M. Barać


Web based simulation, GPSS, FONWebGPSS, Moodle LMS, discrete event simulation, e-learning


In this paper, we describe a new approach for teaching discrete event simulation via web. Main goal of the paper is to enhance existing simulation courses on e-learning platform, by developing web environment for learning, creating and testing discrete event systems models. Proposed approach is based on FONWebGPSS - web application designed and implemented in Laboratory for simulation, University of Belgrade. We provide detailed description of FONWebGPSS architecture and key components. Further, FONWebGPSS is fully integrated in e-learning management system Moodle. Additionally, we illustrate a practical example of using FONWebGPSS in solving a typical discrete event simulation problem.

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