New Propulsion System with using Two Phase Orthogonal Converter with Two Phase ASM

Michal Prazenica and Branislav Dobrucky


TPIM – two phase induction machine, matrix converter, two stage system, two phase orthogonal system


The paper deals with two-phase power electronic system with variable orthogonal output for industrial- and transport drives applications. Two-phase electronic system with 90 degrees between phases can be easily created using power electronic converters supplied from battery. Modelling and simulation of two-phase power electronic converters with both R-L and motor load is shown in the paper. The simulation models are created in program Matlab-Simulink and OrCAD. Results of simulation are compared with experimental verification and confirm a very good time-waveform of the phase current and the system seems to be suitable for low-cost application in automotive/aerospace industries and application with high frequency voltage sources.

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