A Unified Model for Real-Time Data Grids Supporting Distributed Scheduling of Jobs

Safai Tandoğan, Mustafa M. Atanak, and Atakan Doğan


Data Grid, Modeling, Real-time, Scheduling, Advance Reservation


There exist a number of simulators, emulators, and production platforms in the literature proposed for Grid computing. Each of them assumes different models; presents and supports their own list of functions. Yet, in the literature, there is no unified model that thoroughly and clearly describes as to how the services related to a real-time Data Grid system should be structured. This study aims at proposing a real-time Data Grid model that unifies four essential components (job scheduling, data replication, data dissemination and advance reservation) based on a set of well-defined services. The proposed real-time Data Grid model is unique and it is shown that how it can be used to build the future Data Grid systems.

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