Simulation Verification of Digital Self-Tuning Control of Systems with Time-Delay

Vladimír Bobál, Petr Chalupa, Petr Dostál, and Jakub Novák


Time-delay, Smith Predictor, Self-tuning control, Recursive identification, ARX model, PID control


Time-delays (dead times) are found in many processes in industry. Time-delays are mainly caused by the time required to transport mass, energy or information, but they can also be caused by processing time or accumulation. The contribution is focused on a design of algorithms for self-tuning digital control for processes with time-delay. The algorithms are based on the some modifications of the Smith Predictor (SP). One modification of the SP based on the digital PID controller was applied and it was compared with designed controller based on polynomial approach. The program system MATLAB/SIMULINK was used for simulation verification of these algorithms.

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