Is Teaching-Robot Possible?: Practical Study for Teaching-Robot

Eunil Park, Ki Joon Kim, and Angel P. del Pobil


R-learning, teaching-robot, HRI, education


With expansion of social robots’ use, we can find various types of HRI (human-robot interaction). In this paper, we used a social interactive robot as a teaching-robot in classroom situation. Our study was designed to find a possibility and complements of current teaching-robot, which was conducted in an educational situation such as a classroom of university. Not surprisingly, most students preferred human teacher in case of satisfaction and perceived comprehensibility. But, from post-test, we were not able to find the difference of learning effect between human teacher and teaching-robot. That is, we have to improve social function or external form of teaching-robot for decreasing unfamiliarity of robot. Additionally, participants reported that social interactive robots would be able to do a prominent and important role in classroom situation. In future work, we will explore to find adaptable teaching contents in classroom situation and extend our work for various age groups and environments.

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