Toward Design and Development of Surgeon Computer Interface

Xiaochuan Sun and Shahram Payandeh


Surgical Applications, Computer Vision, Surgical Instrument Tracking, Surgeon-Computer Interface


Minimally invasive surgery (MIS) is one of the most common alternative approaches in modern surgical field. In general, the limited setup for MIS only offers two-dimensional view with no perception of the depth which greatly hindered the surgeon’s natural perception. Here we propose a simple system for allowing the surgeon to access the medical information and pre-operative images during the surgery. Using only the existing surgical tools the surgeon can overlay pre-operative images. In this way, our proposed system does not require any extra pieces of hardware and uses only the existing imaging system to implement the proposed interface. The system is designed to track the motion and position of surgical instrument so that the surgeons can use the instruments analogous to a 3D non-contact mouse to interact with augmented reality environment.

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