Adaptive Dynamic Surface Control for Leader-Follower Formation of Marine Surface Vehicles with Uncertain Dynamics

Zhouhua Peng, Dan Wang, Gang Sun, Tieshan Li, and Weiyao Lan


Formation Control, Marine Surface Vehicles, Uncertain Dynamics, Neural Network, Adaptive Dynamic Control


In this paper, we study the formation control problem of marine surface vehicles (MSV) with uncertain dynamics. A new neural network-based dynamic surface control design is developed for marine surface vehicles moving in a leader-follower formation. The proposed method only uses the measurements of line-of-sight range and angle by local sensors, no other information about leader is required for control implementation. The advantage of the neural formation controller is that the uncertain local dynamics, such as coriolis and centripetal force, hydrodynamic damping, unmodelled hydrodynamics, disturbances from environment, as well as uncertain leader dynamics can be compensated by on-line learning. Simulation results demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method.

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