Design of a New Composite Observer for Vehicle Velocity and Attitude Estimation

Jiwon Oh and Seibum B. Choi


Vehicle and transportation systems, Identification and estimation, Adaptation, Stability, kinematics, linear bicycle model


The main concern of this paper focuses on the accurate estimation of the vehicle states, including the longitudinal, lateral, and vertical velocities (hence, sideslip angle), as well as the roll and pitch angles. With the input data from the 6D IMU which measures both acceleration and angular velocities of the three axes, the novel merging schemes based on the internally defined concepts of transient state factor, reference selector, and selective integral, that combine the kinematic and model-based observer outputs guarantee robust performance in estimating the vehicle states. Stability of each component of the proposed observer is investigated, and confirmatory assessment of the entire system is arranged via simulation under various conditions, with the aid of Carsim and Matlab/Simulink.

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