Development of a 3D Intestine Visualization and Position Mapping System

Yanjian Liao, Wenwu Zhu, Li Liu, Jinhong Pan, Hongyan Luo, and Min Li


3D intestine model, visualization, surface rendering, position mapping


In the application of an electronic capsule for non-invasive diagnosis or treatment of intestinal diseases, the accurate location and display of the electronic capsule in intestine are highly desired by doctors. In this work, a 3D intestine visualization and position mapping system was developed in VTK for this purpose. Initially, a virtual human intestine model was reconstructed from the manually segmented cross-section slice images of human intestine by means of surface rendering. Then, the mapping between the space coordinate position of an electronic capsule detected by the location device and the relative position in the intestine was realized by finding out the segmentation type that the grey value of the corresponding pixel in the intestinal model belongs to. Finally, the preliminary mapping experiments were carried out. The results indicate that the reconstructed model well demonstrates the modality and tendency of the intestinal tract, while the position mapping is also accurate.

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