Simulation of Autonomous Agents using Terrain Reasoning

Vinícius J. Cassol, Fernando P. Marson, Mateus Vendramini, Marcelo Paravisi, Soraia R. Musse, Alessandro L. Bicho, and Cláudio R. Jung


Agents simulation, Terrain generation, Terrain reasoning


The representation of a real scenario through a 3D virtual environment populated by autonomous agents has several applications, such as games or animation movies. Such representation can be a difficult and complex task, since natural scenarios are composed by forms with a lot of details that should be reproduced realistically in the virtual world. Moreover, virtual people should understand and consider the virtual world for navigation similarly to real people. In this paper we describe a model to provide motion of groups of characters based on terrain reasoning in 3D virtual worlds. The model starts with the terrain generation process using height maps in a pseudo-in?nite world, followed by the simulation of characters movement generated through an space colonization algorithm. Finally, the visualization of characters motion in the 3D terrain can be produced.

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