Online Authoring for Augmented Reality Remote Maintenance

Jiang Zhu, Andrew Y.C. Nee, and Soh-Khim Ong


Collaborative System Design, Augmented Reality, Authoring, Application


Providing assistance in remote maintenance has been one of the major application domains of Augmented Reality (AR) technology. However, creating AR-based maintenance instructions remains an issue in many of these applications. In this paper, an AR online authoring system, Online Authoring for Augmented Reality Remote Maintenance (OAR2M), is proposed to enable an experienced operator to create intuitive AR-based instructions in an environment with no a-priori knowledge conveniently and efficiently. In addition, the Double Window User Interface (DWUI) is proposed to broaden the experienced operator’s view and improve the robustness of the authoring process. Finally, a case study is designed and carried out to test the performance of the proposed authoring system.

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