X-Phong: Extended Phong Lighting Model for Illustrative Visualization

Xiang Xu, Hock Soon Seah, and Kemao Qian


Illumination Models, Curvature Light


In illustrative field, computer generated line drawings do not achieve the same level of sophistication as hand-drawn illustrations. In this paper, a lighting model is presented that attempts to enhance the shape depiction of 3D objects. The model, called X-Phong lighting model, extends the basic Phong lighting model with curvature light to control the perceived shape and line detail. X-Phong Lines (XPLs), which are generated based on the lighting model, are more flexible to achieve desirable visualization effect compared with the existing approaches. In addition, XPLs characterize more significant variations of illumination on 3D surfaces. We apply the proposed XPLs to a wide range of real-world models, and demonstrate through qualitative and quantitative evaluations that XPL is a flexible and effective tool for illustrations.

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