Multiresolution Terrain Generation based on Implicit Restricted Quadtree

Jie Zhang, Changwen Zheng, Pin Lv, and Xiaohui Hu


Multiresolution terrain model, Implicit restricted quadtree, Level-of-detail, Real-time terrain visualization


Generation and simplification of multiresolution terrain model in real-time is significant for large scale terrain visualization applications demanding high rendering quality at interactive frame rates. An efficient multiresolution terrain modeling algorithm is proposed in this paper on the basis of a hybrid structure, the implicit restricted quadtree. Represented as a compact flag matrix, the implicit restricted quadtree is simple to construct and traverse, resulting in an effective construction and simplification process of the terrain model. A crack prevention approach to eliminate cracks on the multiresolution terrain model is also presented in accordance with the relationship between the elements in the flag matrix. Simulation results suggest that the algorithm can produce realistic multiresolution terrain scene in real time.

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