Fast Inter-Mode Decision Algorithm using Efficient Hierarchical Structure in H.264/AVC

Joohyeok Kim, Youngsub Jo, Won-Jin Lee, and Jechang Jeong


Fast algorithm, H.264/AVC, Mode decision, Rate distortion optimization


In this paper, we propose new two techniques to reduce computational complexity of mode decision process in H.264/AVC encoder. Inter mode decision process for all the seven block-sizes needs significant time consumption but the adoption of our sequential mode skip algorithm in mode decision efficiently solves the problem related to timing burden. First, we detect macro block that best mode is 16x8 block size mode using the information of rate distortion cost of other modes. Second, we skip unnecessary 8x8 block size mode calculation. In this case, 8x8 block size mode is skipped by using two methods which is related to the existence of 16x8 block size mode.Simulation results demonstrate that the proposed mode decision algorithm reduces about 50% of total encoding time of whole sequence with ignorable degradation of coding performance.

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