Long Term Geo-Electric Potential Signal Analysis using the Teager Huang Transform

Konstantina Barkoula, Apostolos Ifantis, and George Economou


Teager Huang Transform, Precursor LTGP Signals


The long term geo-electric potential (LTGP) signals measured in a variety of experiment contexts have shown strong indications on their precursor nature to major earthquake events. Measurements of LTGP signals in Western Greece have been collected for more than twenty years. The measured signals are processed in several ways to extract features with a direct correlation to major earthquake events.In the field of spectral analysis, new methods that do not imply linearity and stationarity of the analysed signal have been introduced. Such a novel promising method is the Teager Huang Transform (THT) that combines Empirical Mode Decomposition (EMD) of a signal to a number of components on which the application of Teager Kaiser Operator (TKO) can lead to a sufficient estimation of the signal’s spectral content. In this paper, we apply the TKO, EMD and THT on LTGP signals, aiming to have an accurate view of LTGP signals content precursor to major earthquake events.

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