Image Interpolation Technique using the Space-Variant Compactly Supported Fluency DA Function of Degree 2

Daiki Fukui, Kazuki Katagishi, Yasuhiro Ohmiya, and Kazuo Toraichi


image interpolation, adaptive, fluency, bicubic


This paper proposes a new adaptive image interpolation technique. Recently, with the wide-spreading of high resolution displays, enlarging images or videos has become commonplace. So the image interpolation technique is very important to achieve the high quality image enlargement. In this paper, we propose the adaptive image interpolation technique using the space-variant compactly supported fluency DA function of degree 2, whose characteristic is variable in space and frequency domains. By using this function as an interpolation function, the impulse response can be varied according to local characteristics of a target image. Experiments show that our proposed technique is superior in subjective and objective image quality to conventional techniques using space-invariant functions such as bicubic interpolation, with moderate computational cost.

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