Fast Inter Mode Decision Algorithm for H.264/AVC Video Encoding System based on Correlation of Macroblock

Badrul Hilmi, Chan-Seob Park, and Byung-Gyu Kim


H.264/AVC Video, Inter-mode decision, Macroblock correlation


The MPEG-4 Part-10 AVC/H.264 standard uses several powerful coding methods to obtain a high compression efficiency. To more effectively reduce temporal and spatial redundancy, motion compensation uses variable block sizes, and directional inter prediction investigates all available coding modes to determine the best one. However, these functions are performed for all variable block sizes, high complexity results due to the large number of combinations of coding modes. We propose a fast inter mode decision to reduce the number of combinations of candidate modes using predictive data from macroblock correlations of adjacent frames. An adaptive thresholding scheme using the rate-distortion costs of neighboring blocks is applied for an early decision of the best macroblock in the inter-mode search process.

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