Efficient Block-based Matching for Content-based Image Retrieval using Color Features

Wan S.H.M.W. Ahmad, Mohammad F.A. Fauzi, Rajasvaran Logeswaran, and Wan M. D.W. Zaki


Content-based Image Retrieval, Color Histogram, Color Coherence Vector, sub-image matching


This paper presents a simple but reliable block-based approach to address region-based image retrieval using color features. The proposed algorithm integrates a block-based localization technique, which offers flexible feature vector property for block matching purpose, together with several histogram-based color features, namely the color histogram, color coherence vector and color co-occurrence histogram. The algorithm was tested on 2250 images of small objects from the Amsterdam Library of Object Images(ALOI) database, quantitatively and qualitatively and promising results are reported.

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