A Phasor Estimation Method for the Transient Signals in a Power System with a Wind Farm

Sung-Rok Yoo, Sang-Hee Kang, Cheol-Hun Kim, Won-Seok Lee, and Gun-Ho Park


Phasor estimation, Dynamic phasor, Time-variant fault currents, Transient signals


This paper proposes a modified dynamic phasor estimation method to calculate the phasor of a fundamental frequency component with time-variant amplitude. The two exponential functions of the decaying dc offset and the fundamental frequency component are replaced by Taylor series and the LSE (Least Square Error) technique is used to estimate the amplitudes and the time constants of the decaying components. The performance of the proposed algorithm is evaluated by using computer-simulated signals based on simple equations and fault current signals generated by using DFIG wind generator models in MATLAB Simulink. The test results indicate that the proposed algorithm can accurately estimate the decaying amplitude and the time constant of the fundamental frequency component.

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