Model Matching and Target Following Controls for Nonlinear Discrete Time Systems: Stability of Controller

Yoshihiro Yamamoto


Model matching control, target following control, stability, nonlinear system


The author has recently presented two methods of control system design for nonlinear discrete time systems. One is a model matching control (MMC) which makes the characteristics of the closed loop system identical with that of a desired model. Other is a Target Following Control (TFC) method which makes a system output coincides with that of a desired system. As in other design method, MMC and TFC depend on the stability of the controller. It is well known that the non-minimum phase system in linear case is not easy to be controlled.It is proposed here to use purposely modified values in the controller in order to obtain a stable controller, and then stable system at the cost of model error if the system has unstable zeros. Some simple method is presented in this paper to obtain a stable controller.

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