Agro-Smart: An Expert System for Selecting Agricultural Zones for New Seed Varieties

Chirag Jain, Rahul Singh, and Rahul Sinha


Expert System, Agriculture, New Seed


We propose the formulation of a rule-based expert system, encompassing a set of diverse parameters that proves essential for estimating the success of a given crop’s cultivation in any geographic location under consideration. A geographic region selected on political or biophysical lines is broadly divided into different zones based on variations in a selected set of zonal parameters. These parameters capture the agricultural macro-outlook of all zones. The rules-based expert system will then categorically estimate the probability of successful harvest for any new crop variety being considered for introduction based on its calculation of the crop’s survivability or robustness across the parameter set’s values. The system thus, suggests the crop variety’s viability across different geographical locales. It is capable of recommending suitable combinations of regional geographical zones and crop seasons after learning the crop’s ideal climatic and soil requirements.

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