A Framework Structure for Generation of Action Primitives using Programming by Demonstration

Yunsick Sung, Daxing Jin, Kyungeun Cho, and Kyhun Um


Programming by demonstration, Imitation learning, Demonstration framework


A variety of virtual agents, objects and buildings enhance the reality of a virtual world but the development of differentiated agents is needed. Individual agents may be developed more easily and quickly by programming using demonstration than by development using coding for each unique function.Programming by demonstration (PbD) is an approach to directly deliver the experience of the predecessors without coding. To allow agents to act and move like human beings using PbD, users extensively collect, classify and analyze data. The study of commercial frameworks which can be applied to a variety of environments for extending the development and application of PbD is needed.This study suggests agent programming by demonstration framework which can process a series of processes from data collection to the generation of agent behaviors in a virtual world. The automobile simulation shows the application process by PbD.

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