A Study on the Writer Identification Task for Paleographic Document Analysis

Fabio Aiolli and Manuel Giollo


writer identification, medieval document analysis, biometrics, pattern recognition


The subject of paleography is the study of ancient documents. In particular, the paleographer's aim is to locate a document in a cultural environment and chronological interval in the past. Automatic writer identification is then a desirable tool for a paleographer as she/he gains useful information about the document at hand. However, the paleographer is often interested in methods which can be easily interpretable by humans. In this paper, we apply some state-of-the-art techniques devised for modern documents to the paleographic domain. Moreover, we propose new techniques and document representations with the aim at producing more understandable representation of a writing style. Experimental results have been performed on a large dataset of paleographic images and demonstrate the feasibility of the proposed approach, and the suitability of this tool on helping the paleographer's work.

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