Tran H. Quan, Henri Champliaud, Zhengkun Feng, Jamel Salem, and Dao T. My


Roll-bending process, FEM, Ansys/LS-Dyna, hot forming


The forming forces during roll-bending process can be reduced by heating the workpieces. Heat-assisted roll-bending is a promising alternative to the costly and time-consuming casting process that is usually selected for manufacturing large and thick axisymmetric parts made of high-strength steel. In this paper, a computer- aided simulation program has been built in the Ansys/LS-Dyna environment to study the relationships between temperature, applied forces and plate thickness. The finite element modelling of the formed geometry is sequential with first a thermal simulation followed by a structural one. The numerical results are then compared to analytical ones. The analyses of the process with numerical simulations yield a better understanding of the mechanism of the process and provide an opportunity for the design of an efficient heating system to control the heat energy to be input in the workpiece during the roll-bending process.

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