Risk based Management and Bioremediation of Crude Oil-Contaminated Site in Cold Climate

M.S. Kuyukina, I.B. Ivshina (Russia), T.A. Peshkur, and C.J. Cunningham (UK)


Crude oil-contaminated soil, risk assessment, land management, bioremediation


Land contamination by crude oil presents a serious environmental problem for oil-producing regions and especially to those located in cold climates. In this study, a risk based approach to the management and bioremediation of a crude oil contaminated site is proposed and the results of a pilot scale field trial presented. Specialist bioremediation techniques such as soil-slurry bioreactors, augmentation with immobilized cultures of hydrocarbon-oxidizing bacteria and biosurfactant addition were proven to be efficient in the clean-up of oil-contaminated soil in cold climate conditions. Soil that was heavily contaminated by crude oil was cleaned-up to within risk assessment standards and soil phytotoxicity was found to be greatly reduced.

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