Recent Development in Geomatics Approach to Epidemics Management System

H. Assilzadeh, Y. Gao (Canada), and J.K. Levy (USA)


Epidemics, Management, Geomatics, Emergency Response


Diseases like Cholera, Flu Pandemic, SARS, and West Nile Virus are common in many countries. Recent outbreak of these diseases in particular needs an efficient epidemics prevention, monitoring and management system. However, a complete system to address the above requirements is not currently available. This paper demonstrates a solution for disease mitigation and relief management using geomatics and remote sensing techniques. The development provides a multi disease surveillance system tool to help public and concerned authorities in combating sudden outbreak of diseases e.g. Flu Pandemic including bird flu, H1N1 Flu (Swine Flu) etc. The system facilitates operational resources deployment, disease progress monitoring, decision making process, and strategies to contain and control disease outbreak by defining protection, control, quarantine and surveillance zone. The system is capable of rapid analysis and detection of risk area, on-line mapping and surveillance program for early diagnosis and warning of exotic disease. The system’s database contains information about animals-human common diseases, veterinary data, livestock density records and facility of cleansing and disinfection for lifting area restrictions and restocking. All components of the system including database, central repository system, command and control system, communication system, and diseases distribution models are described. This new development in geomatics application can improve operational epidemics management and emergency response.

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