Catalytic Gasification of Woody Biomass in Air/CO2 Media

S. Hurley, H. Li, and X. Xu (Canada)


Biomass, gasification, carbon dioxide, air, catalyst


To investigate the feasibility of gasifying biomass using CO2, catalytic gasification of woody biomass with a variety of catalysts was conducted in CO2/air media with a fixed bed reactor. It was observed that the addition of iron ore to the biomass feedstock simply by physical mixing did not alter the yields of all products significantly irrespective of the types of gasification agent and the gasification temperature, which was likely due to the poor contact between the catalyst and the gas/vapor products during the gasification process. All the impregnated metal cations (Fe, Ni, Co and Ru), in particular Ni, Co and Ru, were very effective for promoting the gasification of the woody biomass at 700°C, leading to a lower tar yield, a significantly decreased char yield and a greatly increased yield of CO2-free gas.

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