Omaima Nomir


Biometrics, human identification, iris, segmentation, force field energy function


Iris patterns are unique and reputed to be the most accurate and reliable for human identification. In this paper, we developed a human identification system based on iris features. The identification is carried out by analysing and comparing a given human iris record against a database of iris records to find the best matches. The iris records are archived in a database. The system automatically manipulates the archived iris images, extracts and archives representative feature vectors for each person’s iris record. These features are obtained using the force field energy function, and are later used for retrieval. Given an iris record of a person, the proposed system extracts its representative features and retrieves the best matches from the database based on a predefined matching criterion. To improve the performance of the system, we rely on more than one iris image for the same person. The identification procedure is carried out by combining the results of these individual’s available iris images (record).

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