A Contingency Planning for Information System and Communication Security in Poultry Export Industry

N. Dejdumrong, S. Plaengsorn, and W. Jantawong (Thailand)


Information System Security, Contingency Planning, Risk Assessment.


Nowadays, poultry export industry business requires intel ligent integrated information systems. Since information security is very important to the business continuity, the management of information security for this business is a mandatory process not discretionary. In this implemen tation, it begins from the information asset classiļ¬cation, information risk assessment from their vulnerabilities and risk evaluation of existing networking system. Ultimately, an incident response planning, as a key plan for contin gency planning, is documented when disaster occurred. Thus, this information security system planning is a spe cial portion of business information system because it is provided not only security policy and procedures for com munication, information and computer technology but also concerning the sanitary control of the system.

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