Authentic Appreciation of Deterministic Risks in Data Centre Implementation and Operations

M. Wiboonrat (Thailand)


Data Centre (DC), Data Centre Implementation Project (DCIP), Risk Deterministic Model, Project Life Cycle


Risk is defined as loss resulting from insufficient or failed internal politics, processes, people, and systems or from external events. Authentic appreciation risks of data centre implementation and operations project contribute to project managers, consultants, contractors, and operators: subject to risk management process; risk assessment model; and operational risk model. Furthermore, it increases high probability or potential to achieve project objectives and expectations. This research proposes authentic appreciation of deterministic risk by applying experimental and observation methodology through real case studies of 4 data centres and 2 ongoing data centre implementation projects (DCIP). The result findings construct risk management process and present; multi dimension factors that impact the level of project success; initiate risk deterministic model; and construct expected utility model which suitable for each business requirements and expectations. From expected utility model, risk preference and tolerance are differed form business to business.

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