Workspace Sensitivity Analysis of Spatial Cable Robots

J. Hamedi, A. Bahrami, and M. Nikkhah-Bahrami (Iran)


Cable robots, Sensitivity analysis, Workspace volume.


This paper presents workspace sensitivity analysis of spatial cable robots. These robots have six cables and six degrees of freedom. After modeling the robot, different types of workspaces are specified and then the ways of increasing workspace volumes are introduced. Among different workspaces, statically reachable combined workspace and wrench (force/moment) feasible workspace are analyzed. The methods of sensitivity analysis are described and these methods are applied to the spatial cable robots. Parameters effect on workspace such as the size of moving platform, the size of fixed platform, geometric shapes of the two platforms, magnitude of applied forces and moments to moving platform of these robots are compared and ranked by using sensitivity analysis. Obtained results could be useful in designing these robots under different conditions of applied wrench to increase the workspace volume.

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