Design and Simulation of a Biologically Inspired Hexapod Robot using SimMechanics

U. Asif and J. Iqbal (Pakistan)


Hexapod; kinematic Simulation; legged robot; SimMechanics.


This paper encompasses the design and kinematic simulation of a 6-DOF legged hexapod robot. The design encompasses the 3D CAD modeling and the mathematical modeling of the robot. The mathematical model is simulated in SIMULINK using SimMechanics and the kinematics results are studied in terms of joint motion profiles and net torques. SimMechanics forward and inverse dynamic modes are utilized to simulate the 3D mechanism of the robot in virtual reality. A detailed sensory system comprised of SimMechanics joint and body sensors is coupled with the kinematic engine to act as a reference input to the control loop. Furthermore, the kinematic motion profiles obtained from the SimMechanics simulation are run in Pro Engineer mechanism workbench for further validation and better visualization purposes.

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