Mechanical Design and Implementation of a Sociable Companion Robot

H. Wei, N. Li, Y. Tao, S. Zheng, and W. Cao (PR China)


Bionic; Flexibly Under-actuated; Companion Robot; Modular Design


This paper proposes and implements a sociable companion robot which provides mental companion and everyday life assistance through biomimetic body movements, expressions, interactions and multimedia amusements. The developing technology is oriented to low-cost design technology, namely based on research and promotion of the control methods of ingeniously designed mechanisms. By reducing the number of motors, we can lower the cost, power consumption, and improve the reliability. Over 20 joints driven by only 3 DC motors give the robot various body and limb movements creating an agreeable accompanying and interacting effect. Achieving a better cost performance, we realize the marketization of robotic technology.

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