Mobile Robot Localization by EKF and Indoor GPS based on Eliminated Maximum Error Anchor

H. Kang, J. Yun, S. Kim, and J. Lee (Korea)


LBS(Location Based Service), Localization, Indoor GPS, Multipath, EKF(Extended Kalman Filter).


This paper proposes the indoor localization for mobile robot by the indoor GPS and EKF. The indoor GPS gets distances between Anchors and Tag by a ranging method of CSS and then estimates the coordinate by distances and known Anchor positions. We made the performance test of indoor GPS system in ideal environment and multipath environment. Error factors of the indoor GPS are described as internal error factors and external error factors. This paper handled a multipath problem in external error factors. The multipath problem is corrected physical methods considerable. The method of selective Anchors for indoor GPS is applied. And we made localization for mobile robot by improved indoor GPS and EKF in indoor.

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