Tool Path Planning Technique for Robot Plasma Spray Coating on Duct Component

N. Aroonchote, N. Naksuk, N. Depaiwa (Thailand), and H. Yamaura (Japan)


Internal Plasma Spray Coating, Collision Avoidance, Tool Path Adaptation


The internal plasma spray coating process for multisection shapes tubular, which has been applied by multiaxis robot station, is difficult to generate collision-free tool path manually. Robotic software is very helpful to create a tool path. At this point, a plasma flame should be perpendicular to the coating surface and there should be adequate spraying distance, from 3D CAD model. However, the constraints of both shape and size of spray gun and the tubular cause the collision to occur in certain positions on the motion path. The collision between the tubular with robotic parts or any part of the system is strictly prohibited. Therefore, this thesis studies on collision protection system to detect spraying point on the tool path which is the cause of collision. Furthermore, the researchers find tool path adaptation algorithm in order to automatically modify the spraying point to flee from collision. Moreover, the application also retains a spraying condition to keep the coating surface good as well.

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