Flexible Part Feeding with the Aerodynamic Centrifuge - Distribution of Pressure and Design Implications

T. Frädrich and P. Nyhuis (Germany)


automation and manufacturing, assembly systems, part feeding, part separation, part orientation


As a result of proceeding globalization the trend of shortening product life cycles goes on. Due to this the machinery and equipment used for manufacturing processes should be designed non-product related, in order to enable them for a further usage in case of product changes. An answer to the problem in the area of part feeding is the aerodynamic centrifuge, which separates parts in a pre-orientation. The operation of the aerodynamic centrifuge is similar to the mechanic centrifugal bowl feeder, but the movement of the workpieces is carried out exclusively by air. In a cylinder the air is set into rotation by a fan. The airflow affects the workpieces in the cylinder and brings them into a rotating motion. The force impacting the workpieces pushes them against the cylinder wall. On this wall a spiral coil is attached which leads the parts upwards. Depending on the shape and other characteristics the workpieces are moved in defined orientations through the airflow and transported predominantly in this position on the spiral coil. At the upper end of the transport route an outlet is installed, through which the workpieces leave the system separately.

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