Fourth Order Motion Profile Planning for High Precision Applications

A. Amthor, A. Lorenz, S. Zschaeck, and C. Ament (Germany)


Nanorobotics, Automation and Manufacturing, asymmetric motion planning, high precision motion control


This work presents an analytic fourth order trajectory planning method, which is based on a set of quadratic derivates of jerk (djerk) functions. The algorithm generates for example a Tool Center Point of a robot continuously differentiable trajectories in jerk, acceleration, velocity and position under consideration of constraints in all these kinematical values. Hence the motion planned has time optimal characteristics. Furthermore the pro posed algorithm is able to generate asymmetric motion profiles with arbitrary initial and final velocities. These extraordinary characteristics make it ideally suited for use in high speed and coeval high precision applications like nanopositioning and nanomeasuring machines.

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