Mobile Robot System "LiSA" for Safe Human-Robot Interaction

N. Elkmann, E. Schulenburg, and M. Fritzsche (Germany)


Robotics, assistance robot, safe human-robot interaction, artificial skin.


In this paper we present the final mobile robot assistant “LiSA”. The objective of the LiSA project was the development, construction and testing of a mobile assistant robot suitable for everyday use, which interacts with staff in life science company labs and independently takes over routine tasks such as transporting multiplates and loading stations. Flexibility, intuitive operation and safety are crucial to the acceptance of an assistant robot that shares a work environment and interacts with human workers. An overview of the design of the mobile platform is provided. Moreover, the intuitive multimodal human-machine interaction using speech and touchpad input are described. The paper is focused on safety requirements and safety developments in the project. The artificial skin and the software architecture are presented in the paper.

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