Tracking Control of a Tele-Operated Manipulator

T. Viphavorasin and R. Chancharoen (Thailand)


Nonlinear System, Trajectory Following Control, Teleoperated manipulator.


A practical controller for a tele-operated manipulator is proposed in this paper. In the project, a commercial pen mouse is used as a master device to control the motion of the CRS articulated manipulator via Ethernet. The control system is designed to include a buffer and an interpolation algorithm to remedy the limited bandwidth and varying transmission delay problems in communication. The control law is developed based on feedback linearization technique and suppression of system dynamics. The control law is also designed such that the computation of a control effort requires less signals compared with the computed torque technique. The experimental results demonstrate that the proposed technique is capable of controlling the CRS articulated manipulator to perfectly follow the master device and obviously outperforms the stiff PD controller while the computed torque technique can not be implemented since it requires velocity and acceleration of the pen mouse which are difficultly approximated.

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