Real Time Digital Super-High Accuracy Vibrations Measurements: Methods, Devices and Mathematical Modeling for the Metrology

V. Zhmud and A. Liapidevskiy (Russia)


Real-time measurements, digital signal processing, metrology, modeling


Measuring of the distance and vibration is very important in industry, science and engineering. Most of the measuring devices accomplish the transformation of the distance which the location signals pass into time delay or phase shift. The later can be measured by means of the electronic techniques. The most precise phase (time) meter is necessary for the most accuracy measurements. The digital phase meter (and timer) which is working in real time regime was developed by authors. It provides super-high accuracy phase measurements inside wide frequency band (~10 kHz). This accuracy is 10-5 rad. (or 0.3 ps). It is provided by the use of the high-frequency precision ADC (100 MHz & 14 digits) and by the original algorithm of the digital signal flow processing. This accuracy has been proved by mathematical modeling of the ideal and noised signals. The paper also discusses the setups of the devices for the measuring of the displacements and vibrations by means of the laser and radiolocation techniques

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