Modelling of Cross-Anisotropic Thermoelastic Stratum due to a Point Heat Source

J.C.-C. Lu, M.-Q. Chen, and F.-T. Lin (Taiwan)


Modelling, Point Heat Source, Cross-anisotropy, Closed form Solution


This paper presents the closed-form solutions of the long term thermal stresses, displacements and temperature increment of a cross-anisotropic medium subjected to a point heat source at great depth, which can represent the condition as repositories of nuclear wastes. The medium is modeled with cross-anisotropic mechanical and thermal properties. Under this assumption, the properties of the materials are different between isotropic plane and the surface normal to it. The analytical solutions were obtained by using Hankel and Fourier transforms. Based on the numerical results, the thermal stresses of strata are compressive, and they are significantly affected by the cross-anisotropic mechanical and thermal properties.

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