Coordinated Rendezvous for Multiple Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) Subject to Actuator Faults

M.P. Khan and K. Khorasani (Canada)


Cooperative control; Network of unmanned systems; Coordinated rendezvous; Actuator faults;


Due to complexities of modern challenges, autonomous systems such as UAVs are being employed at an ever increasing pace for surveillance, reconnaissance, and intelligence missions. To enhance the capability of these vehicles being used more efficiently, the research focus is shifting from single vehicle missions to multiple vehicle missions. In this paper, we address the problem of employing multiple vehicles for carrying out a Multiple UAV Coordinated Rendezvous subject to actuator faults. The objective of the Coordinated Rendezvous mission is for multiple UAVs to simultaneously arrive at a single high priority target. While traveling to the target, the team must minimize its combined exposure to multiple adversarial sites and conserve fuel. While previous work have only investigated strategies under nominal (healthy) conditions for the rendezvous problem, we have extended it to include an actuator fault in a single vehicle as well as multiple vehicles in order to determine their effects on the performance of the coordination strategy.

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