Modeling and Control of the AGV System in an Automated Container Terminal

Q. Li, J.T. Udding, and A.Yu. Pogromsky (The Netherlands)


Modeling, traffic control, deadlock avoidance, distributed algorithm


We study a modeling and traffic control problem of the au tomated guided vehicle (AGV) system in a container ter minal. The workspace of the vehicles (straddle carriers) is modeled as a road network composed of of lanes, crosses and depots. The container transport task for each vehicle is abstracted as a finite sequence of zones to be traversed by a vehicle, starting at the initial zone of the vehicle and ending with some depot. A set of traffic rules is proposed to en sure the completion of all jobs with the absence of vehicle deadlocks and collisions. The traffic rules are very simple and real-time implementable. Moreover, these rules can be realized almost distributedly requiring little intervention from a central controller.

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