Using a Remote Lab for Real Physical Measurements on an Electric Motor

D.A.H. Samuelsen and O.H. Graven (Norway)


Remote lab, electric machines, DC-motors.


This paper describes an installation of a remote laboratory exercise. The exercise focus on understanding how elec tric machines work, how parameters of an electric machine can be found, and gives the students insight into the energy conversion processes that goes on in electric machines. Rewiring and troubleshooting of breadboards is time con suming and use cognitive resources the students should use on understanding the aim of the experiment: electric ma chines. The motivation for using remote lab is twofold. Firstly a desire to separate training in using breadboards, and the complex task of understanding the experiment, and secondly widening the time the laboratory experiment is accessible for the students. The components used in the in stallation are standard equipment, e.g. LEGO, breadboard, and low-cost I/O-devices, for fast, easy and affordable as sembly. The presented laboratory were set up and tested in the course of one week, and students who were invited to test the system, gave positive feedback.

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