Use of Tele-Robotic Cranes in International Collaborative Education

W. Singhose (USA), J. de Juanes Márquez (Spain), B. Pridgen, and J. Vaughan (USA)


Controls Education, International Collaboration, Crane Control, Vibration Control, Input Shaping


This paper describes the use of tele-robotic cranes in an international collaborative educational program. The pro gram goal was to have a visiting foreign professor bring al ternative teaching methods and experiences to engineering graduate students at the Escuela T´ecnica Superior de Inge nieros Industriales in Madrid, Spain. In order to fully con vey the alternative curriculum, the visiting faculty mem ber needed to utilize his usual laboratory equipment, which consisted of various types of cranes. Because the cranes can be remotely operated from anywhere in the world via the Internet, they were well-suited for this international ed ucational collaboration. The challenges of such a program, the use of the cranes, and results from student assignments are discussed.

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