Virtual Laboratory for Trajectories Planning Applied to Anthropomorphic Robotic Arms with up to 5-DOF J. Mateo Sanguino and J.M. Andújar Márquez (Spain)


Engineering Education, Kinematics, Robotic Arm,Trajectory Planning, Virtual Laboratory.


The present work describes a set of virtual instruments (VIs) useful to study and to evaluate surface and volume trajectories applied to anthropomorphic robotic arms. The trajectories technique used is a straight-forward and easy to follow method which allows simulating the motion of serial manipulators with up to 5 degrees of freedom (DOF). The interest of this method is that its algorithms allow making the trajectory planning by means of a web user environment. These VIs are part of 3D Robotic Arm Simulator (3D-RAS) devoted to the kinematics evaluation and remote control of robotics arms. They help, in a visual manner, to develop teaching/learning aspects in robotics practices. The aim is visualizing and studying the behavior of anthropomorphic robotic arms prior to a real control. As a practical case of the VIs developed herein, an educational and research project is presented: Laboratory for E-learning with Robots (LER), which led to teaching in Automatics, it is being carried out by teachers and students at the University of Huelva (Spain).

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