A Tactile Sensor with Cushioning Elements for Enhanced Safety in Human Robot Interaction

M. Fritzsche, N. Elkmann, J. Grützner, and J. Saenz (Germany)


Artificial skin, tactile sensor, mobile robot


Human-robot interaction in a shared workspace permits and often even requires physical contact between humans and robots. One of the effective ways to monitor contact forces is to provide a robot a tactile sensor as an artificial skin.

This paper introduces a pressure sensitive skin for the mobile robot DENISE which can be adapted to complex geometries and offers reliable contact measurements on the entire robot body. Equipped with integrated cushioning elements the sensitive skin can reduce the risk of dangerous injuries in direct human robot interaction.

We discuss the sensor setup and describe the hardware implementation on the mobile robot DENISE. Finally we give an outlook about the algorithms going to be implemented to the robot in future.

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