A New Radar System based on Entangled Photonic Beam

A. Bassyouni (USA)


Radar theory, Quantum Entanglement, and Photonics


This paper develops a new radar system based on the concept of quantum entanglement property termed by Albert Einstein as a spooky action at a distance.    The predicted Entangled Photonic Radar (EPR) System employs the non-classic strong correlation of the quantum states of two entangled photonic beams over radar range. Here, a block diagram of the EPR system is presented, which includes high power signal and idler entangled photonic beams generator. The signal beam is transmitted via the antenna towards the target and the idler beam is detected directly into the idler detector array that carries the quantum states changes of the radar signal beam simultaneously before the echo arrival. The returned signal from the target is detected by the signal detector array. The output information of idler and signal detectors are applied to the coincidence estimator to be processed to characterize the target parameters and its clear image. The EPR system diagrams and analytical method are presented. The developed efficient detection devices for different quantum states may lead to a significant radar resolution in displaying the target image and location as soon as the beam impinges the target. This system will overcome many of drawbacks of the classic radars.

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